Marco Sirignano - Cinematographer. Director of photography. Direttore della fotografia. Milano, Italia

Marco was born in Milan in 1974.

After high school his passion for photography became a job.
He started to go after several photographers in Italy and abroad to learn the skills.
Since the late 90’s he worked as an assistant photographer and then photographer himself for several magazines and clients having in mind the dream to become a Cinematographer.

He studied a lot and shot several spec jobs to “make the stills moving”.

As a self-taught he watched tons of movies and started his approach from the Italian Neorealismo, loving the work of the Italian Cinematographer – based in France – Aldò (Aldo Graziati).

In 2003 he started his career as a Director of Photography in the very successful TV Series “Camera Café” moving quickly to the Commercials and Indie Movies Industry.

Since then, he shot many projects jumping from Commercials to TV-Series, from Fiction&Drama to TV and Music Videos, upgrading his skills every time a project needs new ideas or technical and artistic boost.

Former member of A.I.C., the Italian Society of Cinematographers (he quitted for personal reasons), he gives all his best in all kind of job he has to work in, obtaining some NOMINATIONS for Best Cinematography around the world.

In the last few years he started a closer collaboration with RTI (Mediaset Group) for many
TV Programs.